It used to be said that knowledge is power. That remains true, but in this century, digitisation is power. Digitisation is, indeed, the channel through which knowledge flows in abundance. It is the lifeline of modern industry, the foundation of skill-building, and the enabler of a level playing ground.

The government’s digital policy aims to empower Indians. Harnessing technology can give them access to greater employment and skill development opportunities. Digital tools can connect trained tradespeople and small entrepreneurs with the right clients and markets. In governance, digitisation removes bottlenecks, facilitating startups, letting business owners devote their energies to productive work. The overarching purpose is to turn India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

Jyothy Laboratories has made optimal use of technology for a range of functions, in particular, human resource development and deeper market reach. Digitisation has helped us streamline administrative functions, letting employees speedily carry out procedures through a self-servicing platform. Digital records of employee appraisals have increased the visibility of outstanding performers, accelerating career advancement. With the errors resulting from human intervention minimised, the employee satisfaction rate has spiralled upwards.

The ultimate positive outcome of any digital initiative is to fulfill the human potential. Investment in technology is really about investment in people. Just the reason why automation at the manufacturing units is meant to make our products perfect, but never to downsize manpower.

The digital world knows no limits, just like human potential.

We are confident that through one, we can unleash the other.