India is about booming consumerism and thriving aspirations. It is a land of exciting opportunities and boundless possibilities, with one of the most promising growth potential globally, the nation is ready for a consumption wave.

In a country on the go, wants and needs evolve rapidly. Now exposed to the best in the world, consumers here expect to see that same standard – or better – from home-grown manufacturers. The expanding Indian middle class are big spenders; they are also increasingly conscious of the value proposition of brands backed by solid research and development. The people here have a strong desire for competitive pricing combined with the best quality.

At Jyothy Laboratories, the endeavour from the very first day has been to serve the domestic market, to introduce people to the world-beating technology that an Indian company can offer. Localised, affordable goods, created by understanding the minute details of people’s life, have helped this Company grow. We are in the household goods space, directly related to people’s health and hygiene. Making this market grow has meant constantly renewing connections, reaching out to consumers not served by what was available earlier.

Encouraging domestic consumption is, for us, both a business need and a valuable contribution to national progress, which we are optimistic will make our economy future-proof.

Today, for the global conglomerates, India is the land of promise. We knew long ago, and that knowledge has been our best ally.