If India is to rise and rise some more, no one can be left behind. There is a treasure trove of talent waiting to be discovered everywhere, in the remotest corners of the country. Women, in particular, can become the strongest growth drivers of this economy. In our march forward, everyone must walk to the same rhythm.

The cornerstone of the state policy is to take progress to every nook and cranny of the country, to help people in myriad little ways. Villagers are getting more targeted subsidies and women entrepreneurs are promised access to easier loans. Inclusive growth is about raising the standard of living through financial inclusion and rural employment schemes.

The core belief of Jyothy Laboratories is that Indian corporate houses must go to the rural areas and create jobs. Women’s inclusion is a fundamental of the Company policy. At the manufacturing units for our first brand Ujala, women workers outnumber men. Within the Company, we promote equality and inclusion through our people-friendly measures. No distinction is made between higher and lower ranks of employees in providing health care.

Corporate social responsibility programmes are undertaken to not only improve people’s life, but also to give them a space from where they can step out with a sense of pride and hope. Our beneficiaries are primarily girls and women. They are the ones most in need of a helping hand; they are also the ones who change society the most when empowered.

As with our product innovations, our social initiatives, too, are designed for the maximum impact.

Progress is permanent only when everyone walks together.