Best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure and world-class products. That is India’s mantra in this century. The blueprint for making this country a global manufacturing destination has been created. Pride in our capabilities and our products is rising. Together, we must seize the day.

For Indian manufacturing to achieve supremacy on the global landscape, excellence is the only key. We must develop new technologies and augment our manufacturing prowess to international standards. The emphasis has to be upon zero defects in production and zero impact on the environment.

Jyothy Laboratories has invested in this from the very first day; this is what makes us different. Always manufacturing in-house ensures strict quality control, and the deployment of the right processes makes our products environment-friendly. Our strong focus on quality has led us to integrate Quality Module in our ERP systems. Periodic audits at plants, quality control audits at third-party locations, and documentation of lab practices in the Quality Manual are the other methods adopted to ensure our products score high on the quality parameter.

Lean engineering, automation, capacity de-bottlenecking has helped us to reinforce effectiveness in our operations. Through consolidation of our manufacturing units, we have simplified the process of sourcing and procurement. Additionally, we have reaped efficiency gains due to the benefits of scaling production.

The key to producing excellence, day after day, year after year is through continual investments in research and development. The results of our R&D efforts are manifested in our strong product innovation pipeline.

Manufacturing units in India should become centres of excellence – they should not only produce goods, but produce world-class goods that are unbeatable value for money. With strong conviction in our manufacturing strengths, we are confident of a bigger and brighter tomorrow.