People make a nation. Their skills make the economy. When citizens are highly skilled and their entrepreneurial spirit is fired up, a country transforms itself from ground up. Indians of today have enormous potential to be job creators, not just job-seekers. The possibilities are endless. And exciting.

Skilling India and Make in India are two sides of the same coin. Skill leads to employment, or self-employment, and that has a cascading effect on the entire community. The desire for self-reliance spreads like wildfire, giving people the confidence to move forward faster. Modern India has made the promotion of entrepreneurship its priority. The aim is to develop and channel the energy of our greatest resource: our young, energetic population. Skill training and industrial training are among the primary objectives of the ‘Skill India’ mission.

At Jyothy Laboratories, we embrace building skill sets with passion and aggression. We have always believed that the answer to greater and sustained prosperity for a company and a nation lies in encouraging employability and development. With over three decades of enhancing the skills of its own employees and of the communities that Jyothy Laboratories sees as its own, the Company is committed to the goal of complete self-reliance.

We motivate employees in order to build an engaged workforce. Training and guidance are given at every step, and leadership qualities identified and encouraged. New growth avenues are always made available to the most deserving. A ‘Skill Recognition Award’ puts the outstanding employees in the limelight, making them feel valued and inspiring others. Besides technical knowledge, enthusiasm and innovation are also rewarded.

There is no doubt that the qualities we find and nurture in our employees are present in most Indians. It is our responsibility to give them a chance to shine. Every Indian company must partner the nation in the Skill India programme. We shall leave no stone unturned to create a workforce that will contribute to an enriching tomorrow.