The energy of the millennials is India’s greatest strength. As much world citizens are rooted in the country’s tradition, they are the consumers of the future. Fulfilling their unmet needs is the key to success.

The majority of the country’s population is below the age of thirty-five. This generation is proud of home-grown ingenuity, and wants to triumph against every international benchmark. Global businesses woo them as consumers, yet they remain supportive of national brands that deliver world-class quality.

Today’s India is driven by their aspirations. This population is demanding, and that compels businesses to innovate. The youth are the catalysts for the transformation of modern industry.

Jyothy Laboratories has always believed that the future is here. We are certain that as India grows, youth power shall propel national brands to positions of market leadership. Even as we retain our loyal customer base built over three decades, our focus is on engaging with the millennials through strategic communication, earning their trust and admiration.

We are not thirty-three years old; we are thirty-three years young and average age of our employees is below thirtythree. As a Company, we are among the millennial. Like the youth, our optimism and ambition knows no bounds. Every innovation that will happen in this century can happen here. We shall make it so.