Dishwash Segment
Brands: Pril, Exo


Exo dishwash solves three household problems in one stroke – it kills germs left on dishes by kitchen pests; it slices through grease and requires minimal water for washing off; it stays intact in its box without loss from melting. Thus, it has made itself relevant to people everywhere. The first anti-bacterial dishwash (with cyclozan) and the first bar to come in its own round-shaped container, Exo has captured the imagination of both health-conscious urban buyers and cost-conscious rural consumers. The new anti-bacterial Exo scrubber has added to its appeal. With sales growth in the high double-digits, this Powerbrand is storming markets across the nation.


The brand positioning of Pril is to take the chore out of doing the dishes and infuse a bit of romance and fun in the process. This premium brand has superior grease-cutting properties and also gives a great sensory experience with its fragrance. Our slice-of-life brand campaign speaks to modern couples who are equals in everything, and who can turn kitchen work into an occasion for adding more ‘sparkle’ to their relationship.

The Pril Powerbrand story has now been extended in a premium new offering, “a superior degreasing dishwash bar”. The first of its kind in India, the new Pril bar comes with some innovative features:

  • Active boosters speckles to cut the toughest grease with ease
  • A tamper-proof SuperTub to prevent any wastage
  • Enhanced and refreshing aroma for a delightful sensory experience

With this innovation, we are confident of growing our share substantially across markets.