Fabric Care Segment
Brands: Ujala, Henko, Mr. White, Chek


Ujala Supreme entered the market in 1983 with a promise to solve the problem of ‘yellowing whites’. White clothes lose their brightness and become yellowish over a period of time; some of the reasons are detergents, quality of water, and pollution. Ujala Supreme has a unique whitening action that prevents this ‘yellowing’ of white fabrics. This fabric whitener is a market leader with 77.6 per cent market share. Brand sales have grown over 4 per cent in the past financial year, largely attributable to our efforts to expand the Ujala Supreme consumer base with effective and highly targeted brand communication.

Ujala detergent powder, an extension of the brand in the detergent category, was relaunched with a new proposition of ‘effortless cleaning’ in Kerala. The market share grew by 160 BPS to reach 17.7 per cent within just 12 months of its relaunch.

Our understanding of consumers’ changing lifestyles and consequent fabric care expectations helped us develop two very unique and leadingedge products:

  • Ujala Crisp and Shine
  • Henko LINTelligent


This is a post-wash product that maintains the form and finish of clothes while enhancing the shine with every wash. It essentially revives fabrics from the harsh effects of detergents and keeps them looking new. Its unique POLYFX action coats the fibre to give a smooth finish and a crisp feel. As a result, the fabric looks fresher and retains its newness.


Henko, the premium detergent brand that was part of the Henkel India portfolio, had to be differentiated in order to make inroads into the highly competitive detergent category. Our sheer in-depth understanding of the fabric care category helped us to identify a unique positioning. The insight was to go beyond stain removal and offer care through lesser lint removal from the fabric. This led to the launch of Henko LINTelligent. Less lint removal from the fabric means less fraying, protecting the garment’s colour, shine and texture, and extending fabric life.

The brand was recognised for its insightful and innovative mix, and won numerous awards, including an award for consumer insights at the Indian Marketing Awards by Exchange4Media, and the Asia Star Packaging Award for excellence in packaging. After the new launch, the brand was ranked No. 8 among Economic Times Most Trusted Brands in the fabric care category for the first time ever. Moreover, the brand was adjudged ‘Product of the Year’ in that category.