Household Insecticides Segment
Brands: Maxo


Maxo is a remarkable success story in the fiercely competitive household insecticide category.

The launch of the Maxo ‘Fits All Machines’ liquid bottle with a new brand identity (new brand logo, packaging and positioning) shook up the market with a 'one size fits all' solution. Our research showed that consumers, when buying a liquid insecticide bottle, were unsure how it would fit in the vapouriser machines they already had at home. Maxo was designed to fit any vapouriser machine; thus it solved a bothersome problem for the consumer. This innovation has helped the liquid clock sales more than the overall market growth rate.

In a continuing story of bringing relevant innovations to the consumer, we introduce Maxo Genius, the first smart machine of its kind, which automatically switches modes from attack (high mode) to defend (low mode) after a certain time. This spares the consumer the effort of manually changing modes, as one has to do with other mosquito repellent machines. Maxo Genius thus offers consumers a combination of superior performance and value through optimal liquid consumption.

The latest of all is the launch of Maxo Magic Card. We entered the fast growing card segment of mosquito repellents with a strong and a powerful differentiator, ‘the safety stand’. The safety stand is a simple innovative feature that lets the consumers use the product – a light paper card coated with insecticide, released when it burns – without risking a fire, as the stand holds the burning card securely, preventing it from flying away. Maxo Magic Card today is the fastest growing brand in this category as per the latest quarterly report from AC Nielsen.