M.R. Jyothy, Director of Jyothy Laboratories Limited, the brain behind all the recent revolutionary product innovations, says what it means to design every product around the smallest needs of the consumer.

When taking any new initiative, we keep the consumer at the centre. We want to make the consumer’s life easier by offering innovative products for everyday needs. Every Jyothy product is backed by intensive research, which involves consumer contact programmes, detailed market surveys, comprehensive evaluation of competition products, and the best industrial design solution.

Our effort is to ensure that innovation, convenience and unique value set the premise for any new product we launch. And at the heart of every innovation, there’s a very simple idea that makes life easier, happier and more convenient for the average consumer.

Our major launches under three different categories validate our success in delivering unique value to our consumers.

The first such example is that of Exo. When it came to the market many years ago, it was the fist anti-bacterial dishwash bar in India. At that time, consumers faced two problems: utensils kept in the sink were vulnerable to bacterial infections; the other thing was consumers were dissatisfied with the way the available dishwash bars broke off, or turned soggy by absorbing water from the sink area, leading to wastage.

The anti-bacterial properties of Exo took care of the germs. To address the wastage issue, we launched Exo Round, a first of its kind round-shaped bar in a plastic container along with a free scrubber. The shape aids in easy use and the container ensures zero wastage. This makes the bar last longer, there is no breakage and the sink area looks cleaner. This new product was an instant hit in the market.

Our second example is in the detergent category, where we launched Henko LINTelligent. Our expertise in the fabric care category helped us to identify a unique positioning for the brand following the acquisition of Henkel India. The insight was to go beyond stain removal and offer care through lint reduction. The reduction in lint meant lesser fraying of the garment, colour protection, better shine and texture, and longer fabric life. The product is differentiated on all fronts: the pink colour of the powder connotes care, innovative packaging gives the premium offering feel, and a delightful sensorial experience enhances trust in the brand’s promise. The product has been recognised for its insightful and innovative mix by numerous awards.

The third segment that saw marketleading innovations from Jyothy Laboratories is that of household insecticides. One example here is the Maxo ‘Fits All Machines’ Liquid Vapouriser bottle. The core idea was to solve the conundrum of finding hte right size of liquid bottle to fit the machine at home – we made a bottle design compatible with all machines, so that consumers would not have to worry about the fit.

The latest innovation in the mosquito repellent category is the launch of Maxo Magic Card. We entered this category with a strong and a powerful differentiator – we call it ‘the safety stand’. The safety stand is a simple innovative feature that lets consumers burn the card without any risk of a fire; the stand prevents the lightweight card from flying off while still burning and landing on some flammable object. The stand also ensures it burns completely till the very end. With the safety stand, Maxo Magic Card offers a complete solution for instant relief from mosquitoes.

Our efforts are directed at ensuring that we bring distinctive, innovative and convenient products to delight our consumers, and we believe this approach will keep us always one step ahead of the competition.

MR Jyothy

MR Jyothy has been voted yet again among the
'50 Most Influential Women in Indian Media, Advertising and Marketing, 2016’
by exchange4media Group.