Charting a New Communication Story

We have adopted a clear and differentiated positioning to gain greater mindshare of consumers. We have spent 10.8% of our revenue in advertising and promotions for our brands in FY2013-14.

Our communication to customers reflects greater portfolio clarity and sharper differentiation. This, along with better products, will help us generate greater consumer delight as we launch these products across the country.

Ujala Whitener


growth in
FY 2013-14

Kickstarting category growth

Ujala fabric whitener operates in the niche segment of liquid blues which is a ` 550 crore market, and has a market share of 71.5%. We have taken a two-pronged approach to growing the brand. One, aimed at wresting market share from low cost competition that had made inroads by demonstrating superiority in product quality. The second approach was to drive category growth by increasing relevance for non-users. The new communication is an interesting throwback to the original roots of the brand that made Ujala the household name it is today.


17%growth in
FY 2013-14

Fabric care for the new age woman

Henko is a premium offering in the detergent segment. Brands in the premium end today are positioned either on stain removal or whiteness. However, the consumer needs are changing as a consequence of changes in terms of lifestyle and a need for superior fabric care beyond what is currently available in the market. We have identified an opportunity and designed a product that offers superior fabric care with no compromise on dirt and stain removal capabilities.



growth in
FY 2013-14

All-round hygiene

Exo was positioned as an anti-bacterial dishwash bar. This addressed the real-life problems of kitchen pests. The brand is the second most bought dishwash brand in the country. Our communication heightened the concern that modern day mothers have vis-a-vis the threat of harmful bacteria on their dishes due to infestation of pests in the kitchen. Exo bar with cyclozan, a highly effective and safe anti-bacterial ingredient, promised her freedom from worry on account of harmful bacteria while ensuring effective grease-cutting. Going forward, we are enhancing brand affinity by using popular celebrities.


26%growth in
FY 2013-14

Nurturing relationships

Pril is positioned as a superior degreasing formulation in the premium segment. The liquid dishwash market is estimated to grow at 30% and has an estimated value of ` 450 crore. We are focusing more on liquid dish wash category with this brand.

Our clutter-breaking slice-of-life communication has been centred on a refreshing perspective – Bartan chamkein aur rishtein bhi. Highly differentiated from current category codes, our communication uses an upper, middle-class, progressive young couple helped out of their mundane lives through Pril.

Maxo Liquid


growth in
FY 2013-14

Fit to fight

Maxo is a challenger brand which has doubled business in the liquid vapouriser segment. The positioning is on ‘fits all machines’ platform which is unique given that this is a relevant problem for consumers who often find themselves saddled with mismatched vapourisers and machines. Going forward, we are building brand equity and expanding usage on a pan-India basis through introduction of an advanced liquid vaporiser machine. These steps will help drive future growth and establish a strong presence in the market. Coils will continue to be an important business and we will launch superior low smoke coils to move up the value chain.


28%growth in
FY 2013-14

Neem confidence

Margo soap is a 95-year old brand with a loyal customer base. It is also positioned in the premium personal care segment, valued at ` 13,000 crores.

Our communication for Margo leverages its roots, firmly entrenched in its pure neem heritage. We have taken a fresh spin on positioning by depicting a bold and confident modern young girl taking on life’s challenges with Margo serving as her ally.

We aim to have a national roll out and leveraging the neem equity, and, in order to garner a larger share in the premium skin cleansing market. We have launched a glycerine variant. An extension into face washes under the Margo aegis is on the anvil.

Going forward, we will continue to focus on creating differentiated and better products and gaining an increasing share of the consumer’s mind and the market.