Charting our own Course

At Jyothy Laboratories, we have chosen to chart a unique course in our journey spanning nearly three decades.

In the early 1980s as consumer demand was on the rise, we entered the FMCG mass market with a highly differentiated product proposition and a new category was born in fabric care through Ujala. Our distribution strategy was equally unique.

We aggressively pursued a 'feet on street' model, especially for the extremely competitive Household Insecticides segment through Maxo. Within just 18 months of its launch, Maxo clocked ` 100 crores in revenue. After tasting success in this competitive category, we entered the large Dishwash market which was dominated by one major player, with Exo. Pre-2011, these three brands competed successfully with large established players and managed to grow profitably adopting unique marketing and distribution strategies.

Our track record of competing successfully in mass markets, made us more confident and we set about putting strategy in place to acquire Henkel India. We became the first Indian player to acquire a foreign company's consumer business in this country.

The acquisition made us realise that we also needed to professionalise the organisation, keeping in mind the scale of operations. The Henkel acquisition was a game changer and paved the way to create new milestones by completely transforming the way in which we operated as a company.

At Jyothy Laboratories, we have shown resilience, determination, strategic foresight, a focus on execution and, above all, adaptability to change. The journey over the past two years, has been exciting, fast-paced and has created a strong platform to grow sustainably for the next twenty five years.

We are charting a unique course and are ready to take off.