Charting our Sales and Distribution to Leverage Scale

The key objective for the year was to set up a unified distribution structure with one distributor handling all our brands.

Our consolidated distribution network today comprises 220 super stockists, 1,500 stockists and more than 4,000 sub stockists covering smaller urban and rural towns.

Jyothy Laboratories today covers more than 400,000 outlets directly through its distributors. We also have more than 2,500 salesmen in the field covering all our outlets on a weekly basis. We have successfully transitioned from a direct company workforce model to a hybrid model wherein company employees support the efforts of our distributors. We truly believe that this model is scalable and effective.

We have been able to build a stronger distribution system with bigger, better, stronger channel partners who have more influence with the trade and have managed to provide superior returns on investments to distributors.

We now track secondary sales to market on a monthly basis from all our channel partners and hence we have greater visibility on sales at a brand SKU level and we are able to track and monitor our overall distribution effectiveness.

Extending reach

We are also expanding distribution across urban areas aiming at higher visibility in larger retail stores. We have created loyalty programmes for large retail stores who maintain significant sales contribution and relationship with us.

In rural areas, we have van operations and demand generation activities and continue to identify districts with high purchasing power to widen our reach.

Direct outlet reach across the country


We have built a stronger distribution system with bigger, better, stronger channel partners.