Employees Charting Greater Heights, Leading Change

We nurture employees through continuous training and guidance.

Our brands are our assets and great brands are built with inspired employees. Our employees are entrepreneurial, innovative, dynamic and driven by a strong sense of ownership. Their performance and ours is reflected in the ability to counter market dynamics with agility.

We introduced highly experienced senior executives to build a disciplined management team led by the CEO, in all departments, from sales and distribution, marketing, packaging and Research and Development. They have expertise to compete in existing and new markets. They have the experience and skills to bring product development, better delivery and support our growth strategy.

The introduction of this new team also facilitates the grooming of our existing members across the organisation. We believe that this fusion gives us the best of both worlds as it combines the passion and commitment of a family run entity and the niche organisational skill sets of professionals.

There is a lot of training given in a top-down manner and business and functional leaders actively recruit and coach junior employees. Our Chief Executive Officer, and Functional Officers mentor younger managers, helping them develop the skills necessary to lead brands in newer zones.

We nurture employees through continuous training and guidance. We develop careers by providing technical, functional and leadership skills training. We ensure our white army (or sales force) understands consumers in all territories. We take our managers into retail stores and even the consumers’ homes.

Building an agile and high performance culture

Our work culture imbibes passion, creativity, speed and hard work. We continue to be there for our employees and assure a sense of security for their families. We bond with our employees, retaining experienced employees and improving team delivery even though we have fostered a work culture which rewards performance. We continue to maintain a compassionate approach towards employees despite being sales-driven in our business.

Engaging employees

We are charting an ambitious growth path for our brands and have empowered our sales and distribution teams and we have also upgraded our HR processes. We have benchmarked our HR practices and understand internal perspectives from employees’ feedback to constantly improve work processes.

We have deployed specialists in each area of operations to bring efficiencies in sourcing, manufacturing and marketing so that we can capture market share in both middle and premium segments. This has given results in FY2013-14 with every brand making good growth and helping us grab a higher share of the market.

Our organisation has become more process-driven so that each functional department is managed well. This is necessary as we embark into newer regions especially North India and achieve growth for our brands.