Journey charted by our Brands


Launched in 1983, Ujala is
the largest brand in the fabric
whiteners segment.

It is a market leader with 71.5%market share.

Only advertised brand in category.

Ujala liquid blue grew 43% in FY 2013-14.


Launched in 2000, Exo is India’s first anti-bacterial dishwash bar featuring cyclozan.

Created differentiation through a unique ergonomic round shape packed in a container specifically designed to prevent wastage and therefore offered superior value to the consumer.

Awarded Product of the Year in 2013.

Brand Equity highlighted Exo as a ‘Brand to Watch Out For’ in 2014.

Exo grew 29% in FY 2013-14 and Exo Bar enjoys an all-India market share of 10.5%.


One of the leading mosquito repellent brands launched in 2000.

` 100 crore brand within 18 months of launch.

Liquid format positioned on a platform of ‘fits all machines’.

15.7% market share for Maxo coil; 4.6% market share for Maxo Liquid.

Maxo saw a growth of 18% in FY 2013-14.


Premium offering in the detergent segment launched in 1994.

Henko held value share in the premium segment, a highly contested market.

Henko grew at 17% in FY 2013-14


Pril becomes the first liquid dishwash to be launched in the country in 1999.

Share in liquid dishwash market is 16%.

Positioned as a superior de-greasing formulation in the premium segment.

Brand growth at 26% in FY 2013-14.


The original neem soap launched 95 years ago in 1920.

Extending the brand, leveraging on the equity of neem and introducing Margo glycerine soap and facewash.

28% growth in FY 2013-14.